CCOE 10th Anniversary October 10th, 2017

With the motto “From the Protection of Culture to the Protection of Civilians”, the CIMIC Centre of Excellence will celebrate its 10th Anniversary on October 10th, at its premises at Brasserskade in The Hague. The date highlights the initial full accreditation of the CIMIC Centre as a Centre of Excellence by NATO in 2007. Today, the 10th Anniversary marks the premier communication and presentation event of the CCOE for the current year.

Colonel (GS) wolfgang Paulik Director CCOE

The claim “From the Protection of Culture to the Protection of Civilians” sets the tone for the invitational event, as it will feature an arc of key-notes, guests and honorees, representing the development of CIMIC and the CCOE through several decades.

Within a fast changing environment and ever more emerging demands on Civil-Military Interaction, this event is geared to present the accomplishments of CIMIC as much as pointing to the future of CMI and the protection of civilians.

On the occasion of this highlight event, the CCOE will also inaugurate its annual “CIMIC Award of Excellence”, honoring outstanding individuals, or institutions, and their contributions to CIMIC and CMI throughout the globe.

Further details on the program, speakers and distinguished guest will be made available once they have been finalized.

Article by CCOE/ LTC Tilman Engel