CCOE and Academia: Common Goals – Common Projects – Common Solutions

Since February 2017 a closer cooperation between the CCOE and the Technical University in Delft is ongoing. The common aims are the recognition of complex problems and innovative approaches for their solutions.The university´s Department of Technology, Policy and Management strives to achieve comprehensive engineering that serves the society. The CCOE pursues the vision of a CIMIC collective knowledge and connecting people towards a unified purpose. These two missions have met to facilitate understanding of security and measures which can be taken to increase it.

The new implemented CIMIC Modelling and Simulation (M&S) project from the CCOE has progressed from initial development phase focused on identifying all relevant information towards prototyping phase leading to new experimentation and training tools. The CIMIC M&S prototype will replicate complex problems challenging Commanders in current environment.

The CCOE at TU Delft, presenting and discussing projects; (bottom left) Prof. Pieter van Gelder, University of Delft