CCOE Academic Outreach to Slovenia

It is one of the stated goals of the CIMIC Centre of Excellence to establish academic relationships with Dutch, as well as international universities. In this context, CCOE was visited by Dr. Iztok Prezelj, Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Faculty of Social Studies, Defence Research Centre, Head of Defense Studies. This visit was designed to identify possible synergies for future cooperation in the field of civil-military interaction, resilience and simulation projects.

Dr. Iztok Prezelj focuses in his research on the following topics: threat & risk assessment, terrorism & counter-terrorism, national security, crisis management and critical infrastructure. He teaches the following courses: Crisis Management and Security, Comparative Defense Studies, Terrorism and System Countermeasures, Contemporary Intelligence Systems.

He served as a member of two governmental interagency groups in Slovenia, one in the field of counter-terrorism and one in the field of crisis management, as a teacher of national and international security in Slovenian Staff & Command School and Adjunct Professor at the George C. Marshal European Center for Security Studies.

He published widely in the mentioned fields. An example of his studies for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe is the following: Prezelj, Iztok & Harangozo, Daniel (2014): Effectiveness of the Vienna Document CSBM Regime: Assessment of Experts’ Perceptions. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Defence Research Centre, Ljubljana.

Visit of Dr. Iztok Prezelj from University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)