CCOE goes Academia – 3rd CIMIC Messenger in 2015

CIMIC Messenger 2015-03_CCOE goes Academia

On October 21st 2015 the third CIMIC Messenger has been issued. 

Several times per year, the CIMIC Messenger will inform the CIMIC family and our civilian partners, as well as the interested public, about both relevant and current issues pertaining to the world of Civil-Military Interaction (CMI), CIMIC and the CCOE.

The CCOE is Department Head for the discipline CIMIC & CMI within NATO. Therefore it has to manage Education and Training for its discipline. Establishing a Master degree of Civil-Military Interaction (M-CMI) the CCOE is building up an academic network between academic institutions and military organizations. For students that initiative will give the opportunity to enhance their competencies and consequently perspectives for promotions and job opportunities. The CIMIC Functional Planning Guide (CFPG) is the supporting document for CIMIC planners. In this Messenger you get to know the current status of this document. Furthermore the CCOE runs a program to expand the horizons of young leaders giving them a first flavor of CIMIC & CMI. Read a field report from participants and learn more about the Master program as well the CFPG in that issue.

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