CCOE Lessons Learned and Analysis: Workshops on Federated Mission Networking

The CCOE in The Hague hosted an workshop on the topic of Federated Mission Networking (FMN). Mission Partner Environment (MPE)/ Civilian Military (FMCM) and Information Sharing were also mentioned and looked at during the intense talks and constructive discussions.

Events may range from rapid onset humanitarian assistance and disaster response in a cooperative environment to the coexistence of civilian humanitarian assistance activities and military activities during complex security and combat operations. Therefore two main items were pointed out in this workshop:

  1. FMCM enables protection of civilians.
  2. Information sharing supports communications, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration with non-military entities across the range of Civilian-military operations.

Under the lead of representatives from NATO ACT (Allied Command Transformation) and US Joint Military Staff contributors from The Netherlands, Suisse, Canada, Sweden and the European Defense Agency developed FMCM requirements and linked up with representatives from the UNOCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data, which is also located in The Hague.

The project will be completed over an 18 month period culminating in December 2018. In this context, CCOE will participate in the upcoming UNOCHA Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week 2018 in Geneva.