Charming batch of summer interns at the CCOE

Picture from left to right: Lt. Stephan Lehnert, Aspirant Florence B., Lieutenant Hendric Petersohn

Throughout the year, the CCOE accepts qualified advanced military and civilian academic students as interns in The Hague. During their internships, students support the CCOE in a variety of fields while also doing research on their academic projects. This summer, we are happy to welcome students from the Helmut-Schmidt-University of the German Bundeswehr in Hamburg and from the prestigious French Military Academy at Saint Cyr.

Aspirant Florence B., 22, France, chose to do her internship at the CCOE to widen her multi-national (French/German) training as a French Military Cadet at Saint-Cyr. She is working in the Lessons Learned Branch on the topic of urbanization and future warfare. Florence began her training in 2013 and is following the German officer training program since 2014. It is part of an exchange program between both nations. She is studying history in Germany.

Lieutenant Stephan Lehnert is also assigned to Lessons Learned Branch. He is I working on a project studying the impact of megacities on future warfare, as the worldwide urbanization process will influence all upcoming NATO operations. This requires a specific CIMIC perspective on the issue.

Stephan Lehnert has been in the German Bundeswehr since 2008, currently studying at the Helmut-Schmidt-University. His master studies are in International Relations.

At the CIC Branch, Lieutenant Hendric Petersohn examines the relevance of Building Integrity in Cross-Cutting Topics for CIMIC activities on the tactical level. He is in process to finish his Master’s degree in Educational Science with a focus on counselling psychology and vocational education and training in Hamburg. He is in his 7th year of service in the German Army.

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Article is written by CCOE/ Public Affairs Office