Individual CIMIC Award of Excellence 2022 presented to Professor Dr Klaus Beckmann

On 17 October 2022, the Director of the CCOE, Colonel (DEU Army) Andreas Eckel, presented the 5th individual CIMIC Award in the presence of the Mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen to Professor Dr Klaus Beckmann for his commitment in originating and implementing the study programme Master of Arts Civil-Military Interaction (MCMI). This study programme aims to prepare future military executive personnel to perform command functions and executives of Governmental, Non-Governmental and Independent Organizations for careers across the spectrum of Civil-Military Interaction.

“Our CCOE is the preferred network campus to connect people, share collective knowledge and gain unity of purpose in the field of Civil-Military Interaction,” welcomed Colonel Eckel. “I am delighted to welcome the Mayor of The Hague - our Landlord - and many members of the CIMIC-Community at the Majoor Jan Linzel Complex”.

In 2013 as the CCOE considered extending its work into academic affairs, Prof. Dr Beckmann was the one believing in the potential and value also having first-hand practitioner’s experience of military missions in Civil-Military Cooperation and Civil-Military Interaction within their portfolio. Prof. Dr Beckmann and his team managed the formal accreditation process of the Masters of Art Civil-Military Interaction (MCMI) in 2016. ”What I keep are great memories of a project and lasting cooperation built on trust, mutual respect, appreciation, and friendship. The two years of developing the MCMI have been quite intense, but also a good personal learning for myself. It makes me proud that I had the chance to be a part of this pioneering work for the future of civil-military education,” Dr Marian Corbe, a former member of the CCOE and co-developer of the MCMI, stated in his laudation.

Since 2017, the CIMIC Award of Excellence has been presented to an individual and an institutional awardee every year (except for 2020 – due to Corona) to recognize and honour institutions and individuals improving and further developing the role CIMIC (Civil-Military Cooperation) plays in a modern environment.