CIMIC Information Management Systems Workshop

The CIMIC Centre of Excellence invited participants from NATO Command and Force Structure, Sponsoring Nations, STRATCOM COE, Academia and UNOCHA to participate to our Workshop on CIMIC Information Management Systems.

In 2015/16 the CCOE developed a CIMIC Mission App as a demonstrator with support from different Subject Matter Experts/ Sponsoring Nations and gained expertise on CIMIC Information Management Systems (IMS) in general. It is in CCOE’s interest to maintain and enhance this knowledge in cooperation with different partners from the civil and the military domain.

The intend of this workshop is, to bring practitioners and developers of CIV MIL Information Management Systems together in order to get an insight into different systems, discuss different approaches and share experiences. IMS comprises front-end solutions (Mission Apps etc.) same as back-end solutions (Databases etc.) This workshop aims to provide the opportunity to identify common interests and create synergies where possible.

At the same time the workshop provides the venue for SHAPE’s ACO CIMIC/CMI Information Sub Working Group. The Allied Command Operations (ACO) founded the CIMIC/CMI Information Sub Working Group with the task of collecting and prioritizing ACO CIMIC/CMI Information requirements for the implementation of a CIMIC information management system.

The CCOE is contributing with CIMIC subject matter expertise to this group. Please direct any questions to the CCOE.

If you would like to attend to this workshop, please register via CIMIC-COE.ORG/IMSWS2018/ not later than 17. April 2018.

You  find all additional information (agenda, visitor information, etc.) on the registration site.