CIMIC Mozaic: teaming-up for the challenges of NATO Functional Specialist Course

During the last NATO CIMIC Functional Specialist Course in the Hague, Training and Education Branch provided a new teaching method for the students: the CIMIC Mozaic. The introduction game has focused on creating cooperative teams for the challenges which are presented in the course. Breaking the ice and getting to know CIMIC in doctrine and practice has proven to be an easy task for an experienced group of students. This time the spotlight was on the students and their motivation to gain more insight into NATO CIMIC.

Particicpants during the new CIMIC Moziac.

The development of CIMIC Mozaic is a part of growing number of modern training techniques introduced into CCOE courses. Strong introduction creates strong teams, which excel during the course. If you would like to join the next NATO Functional Specialist Course, go to our website to register: NATO CIMIC Functional specialist course

A detailed view of the blank CIMIC Mozaic board.