CMI/CIMIC Mission App & Database Workshop

The CCOE launched the start of the 4th CMI/CIMIC Mission App & Database Workshop on 12 May 2015 in The Hague. At the workshop participants from Denmark, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Slovenia will discuss the current status and development of the CMI/CIMIC Mission App for the next two days.

The Mission App has been developed to support the military decision making process in CIMIC. It focuses on planning, preparing, monitoring, collecting structured data and reporting. So far, the Mission App has been used during exercises in Germany, Denmark, Burundi and Poland. The nations have provided extensive feedback on the use of the Mission App during those exercises.

What kind of lessons for additional improvements did they observe? On 13 May 2015 the CCOE will continue the workshop by discussing the future development of the Mission App and introduce the eBook version of the CIMIC Field Handbook.

Update on 13 May 2015

The workshop and related discussions were very productive and several observations and best practices have been shared.

Based on the provided observations and best practices, Dr. Christian Glahn (HTW Chur, Leiter Blended Learning Centre) who is the developer of the CMI/CIMIC Mission App, presented the next steps that have to be taken in regard to the development and improvement of the CMI/CIMIC Mission App. The CCOE Lessons Learned/Development branch would like to express our thanks to all the participants of the workshop for their presence and fruitful contributions.

The Article is written by CCOE/ LL Branch Intern, Lisa Ziekenoppasser (NLD)