Colonel Johan Wagner (NLD A) joins CCOE as Deputy Director and Chief of Staff.

On August 29th, Colonel Wagner, 51, was introduced at the CIMIC Centre of Excellence in The Hague. Following a distinguished Military career, which originated as an Engineering officer, and further key career steps as a field officer in Seedorf, (DEU), at the Policy Division at the Army Staff, as Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Netherlands Army and as staff officer in the Ministry of Defence in The Hague, he was eventually assigned to Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, USA, in 2013.

Academically, he graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Breda in 1983, followed the Staff Course in 1997, obtained the Advanced Military Studies qualification in 2000, served on the Directing Staff of the Netherlands Defence College in Delft and completed the British Advanced Command and Staff Course in Shrivenham (GB), as well as a Master’s degree in Defence Studies at the King’s College, London, in 2004.

While serving in the International Military Cooperation branch of the Ministry of Defense as a desk officer for South Eastern Europe and for policy matters regarding the United Nations and the OSCE, from 2005 through 2008, he was also the roving attache for Georgia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

His international deployment record includes stints as a United Nations Military Observer in the UNAVEM III mission in Angola in 1993 and at the Central Command in Tampa (USA) during the ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ in 2003.

Colonel Wagner is interested in history, photography, swimming and bicycling. He and his wife have three children and live near the sea.