Deepening the academic outreach

In a further extension of academic partnerships already existing with the Helmut-Schmidt University in Hamburg and the Jagiellionen University in Krakow, the CCOE just signed a strategic agreement with the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft).

Located near the home base of the CCOE compound, this agreement intends to establish a close cooperation with academic researchers, students and teachers at the Department of Safety and Security Studies.

The initial CIMIC Modelling & Simulation project agreed upon between the CCOE and Prof. Pieter van Gelder for the TU Delft, will deal with the application of non-kinetic capabilities in diverse environments, focusing on of Civil-Military Cooperation.  From 2017 through 2021, those scenarios will stretch from Collective Defense, through Hybrid Warfare to Train, Advise  and Assist Missions.

Picture: Signature of the cooperation agreement between CCOE and TU Delft. – (from left) CCOE Legal Advisor: Capt. Katelijne Schothuis, CCOE Chief of Staff Col. Johan Wagner, TU Delft, Department of Safety and Security Studies, Prof. Pieter van Gelder, CCOE SME Modelling and Simulation Ms. Natalia Wojtowicz.)