Denmark: First CIMIC Satellite Courses from CCOE in Varde

Staff members from the CCOE conducted the first NATO CIMIC Field Worker Course (NCFWC) and NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course (NCSWC) in Denmark. The courses took place at the barracks of the Army Intelligence Center in Varde a town in the southern part of Jutland.

With a lot of Danish winter snow, 21 military students from five different nations (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and United States of America) gathered at the barracks in Varde together with experienced instructors and coaches from Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia and United States of America. On Monday 15 January 2018 the courses started and were opened by the Course Director Captain Vera Bekker and senior Instructor MJ Niels Broch.

The aim of the two courses was to enable the students and future actors in the field to conduct CIMIC activities across the spectrum of military engagement, as well as to create awareness for those organizations and individuals interested in CIMIC.

Location in Varde, Denmark

The NATO accredited NCFWC and NCSWC are designed to train CIMIC Field and Staff Workers in parallel, enabling the 21 participants that came together at the Barracks in Denmark to conduct CIMIC activities across the full spectrum of military engagement in a modern operational environment. During the first week of the course the participants are receiving several lectures and conducting case studies within their syndicates. The second week of the courses focused on the practical application of CIMIC activities when the participants will be deployed to the fictive country TYTAN as a tactical CIMIC unit (Field Workers) or members of the G9/CIMIC branch of the Land Component Command (Staff Workers).

The courses ended on Friday 26 January 2018 providing the participants with knowledge and skills transferred by several lectures and a variety of practical assignments during a complete 2 weeks program.

An International course with the participation of eight countries which brought a lot of attention at the Army Intelligence Center but also in the CIMIC community in Denmark.

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