Enhancing interaction with SWEDINT

Colonel Peter Fredriksson, Commander of SWEDINT, visited the CCOE from 24 to 25 September 2015 in The Hague. Intent of the visit was to discuss opportunities for strengthening the cooperation between SWEDINT and CCOE.

Colonel Fredriksson was accompanied by Frank Larsson. They met and discussed with CCOE Director Colonel Roel Been and CCOE staff and visited the running NATO CIMIC Field and Staff Worker course. The meeting run in a very friendly and productive atmosphere. Unity of purpose, many overlaps of working issues and similar stakeholders of both organizations were identified.

CCOE and SWEDINT are collaborating and supporting each other among others exchanging instructors on a regularly base already. Both entities are eager to deeper the cooperation, especially in the fields of exchanging instructors for courses, a possible enlargement of CIMIC and CMI education and training landscape (CIMIC E&IT landscape), sharing of knowledge and best practices and a possible NATO certification of the SWEDINT course “Civil-Military relations”.

As follow up both CCOE and SWEDINT are aiming at formalizing the partnership in a letter of intent.

SWEDINT stands for “Swedish Armed Forces International Centre”. SWEDINT is a leading competence centre for integrated multinational staff training on both tactical and operational level for international missions and peace support operations. SWEDINT plans, executes, evaluates and develop individual, multinational staff training for Military, Civilian and Police for participation in multinational, integrated HQ’s in peace support operations led by the AU, EU, NATO or UN .