Experimentation of NATO CIMIC

CIMIC Modelling and Simulation (M&S) is currently developing the prototype of NATO Strategic Direction South wargame. As part of the testing phase, CCOE has hosted a meeting with Johns Hopkins University expert – Dr. Chad Briggs – on simulations of environmental threats. The discussion encompassed both technical execution of the simulation and the conceptual foundations of the wargame.

Having a diverse background in academia, military and commercial simulations, Dr. Chad Briggs shared his experience of cases involving disaster response, strategic planning and red team (adversarial) exercises. His most recent involvement in teaching Kosovo students have brought him several insights into behavioral aspects of conflict resolution, as well as learning outcomes which can be achieved with various tools.

CCOE M&S Team has recognized the challenge of creating a realistic scenario which provides vehicle for competences and new strategies. Dr. Chad Briggs has described scenario-building process based on expert groups from different areas resembling use of comprehensive approach. This approach remains a cornerstone of the CIMIC community. Exchanging techniques and concepts with academic partner enabled a peer-reviewed developments for CIMIC M&S. Experimentation of NATO CIMIC will be continued until the prototype is operational and fulfils objectives outlined in the point paper.