From Stuttgart, through Afghanistan to The Hague

Following his six month ISAF deployment to Mazar-i-Sharif in 2014, German CIMIC Reserve Officer Tilman Engel (OF 2) just concluded his first reserve exercise at the CCOE. Originally a CIMIC functional specialist assigned to the state command in Stuttgart, Captain Engel served as the Head of the RC North Afghan Presidential Election Observation Group from February through July 2014. “Following my first reservist steps into ZMZ / CIMIC – and then through the Center ZMZ of the German Military in Nienburg – I am excited to now being assigned to the leading NATO Department Head for CIMIC developing and teaching CIMIC doctrine and civilian stakeholder management, “ Engel said.

With a twenty-five year private business record in international professional sport business, including an extended period as general manager in National Football League (NFL) Europe and seven years in Arab countries, Captain Engel was a natural pick to be selected for CIMIC officer duty as a German Army reservist. With a Masters’ degree in History and Political Sciences, he never lost track of the world beyond the field of play. Having turned 50 in Camp Marmal, Tilman Engel is now looking forward to contribute to the positioning and development of the CCOE at its new home base in The Hague.