Identifying CIMIC & CMI training gaps – The Training Requirement Analysis Workshop

From 29 September to 01 October 2015 several experts from different NATO command levels met for a workshop at CCOE in The Hague. The conducted Training Requirement Analysis (TRA) Workshop (WS) is an integral part of NATO Global Programming and is the next step for CCOE as Department Head for CIMIC and CMI training and education. This key event is considered as substantial milestone to reach to the CCOE’s Vision 2020.

“Developing the CCOE as “the preferred network campus to connect people, to share collective knowledge and to gain unity of purpose in the field of Civil-Military Interaction” can only be accomplished by awareness of the environment in which we act and understanding the requirements of our target audiences.” CCOE Director Colonel Roel Been stated in his introduction speech.

Source: CCOE/ Kaminski

The aim of the TRA is to identify the collective and individual training gaps and/or redundancies through an in-depth target audience analysis and existing training analysis, with the emphasis on CIMIC.  Subject matter experts throughout the NATO Command and Force Structure – ranging from the international staff from NATO Headquarters via Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE J9) to representatives from Component level down to tactical Headquarters. The WS will lay the foundation for the future work of the CCOE to serve the needs and requirements for enhanced training and education to meet the challenges of a complex environment.