Improving teaching & coaching skills

“Anyone who stops improving has stopped being good!” (Robert Bosch)

We at the CCOE are proud that our courses are rated high in the course evaluations. Satisfied students make us satisfied too. The skills of the instructors have a big impact on course quality. In order to keep and raise these capabilities, the CCOE conducted a “Train the Trainer” program, from 25 to 26 January 2016 at the CCOE. External experts trained 16 CCOE staffers focusing on differences between teaching and coaching and the ability to recognize when to place one in which role.

The program started discussing theory of education models and the designing of lessons. Here it was emphasised how important it is to have concrete and well-thought-through learning objectives. The impact of professional feedback and different learning and teaching activities were elaborated.

The second day focused on coaching and practical assignments. Hereby differences of the role of a coach and a teacher were defined. Furthermore, it was debated how to recognize which of these roles is needed for which situation. Afterwards the participants conducted an observing experiment. “I experienced how hard it is just to focus on observing without interpreting.” said Captain Vera Bekker.


Picture: Building a bridge/ Source: CCOE/ Kaminski

Especially when it came to instructions concerning body language and observing emotions, the audience was listening attentive and started immediately to check their new knowledge observing the other participants.

During different practical assignments, the group exercised the conveyed new tools by developing tasks for the others, practicing being a coach, observing students as well as coaches and giving feedback. Nevertheless, all were committed and eager to perform well; fun was a permanent companion. “For me it was very interesting switching into the role of a student being observed and coached. That helps me understanding how students feel.” said Captain Ralf Baur.

Having fun during an assignment

Picture: Having fun during an assignment/ Source: CCOE/ Kaminski

Finally there have been two valuable and informative days. Thanks a lot to the instructors Marja Bakker, Jose Hermans and Willem van Oostvoorn. CCOE staff will not stop improving, especially knowing how much you can enjoy yourself while learning.

Article is written by CCOE/ PAO/ Major Peter Kaminski (GER A)