Interaction – 1st CIMIC Messenger in 2015

meeeeesengerOn April 10th 2015 the first CIMIC MESSENGER has been issued. This Messenger focuses on Interaction.

The CIMIC messenger role is to inform the CIMIC family and our civilian partners on relevant and current issues within the world of Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) and CIMIC.

In order to interact within the CMI & CIMIC world the CCOE provides among others workshops, surveys and events like the “Community of Interests Workshop”, the “CMI Survey” or the “International Cadet Event”. However, as the CMI/ CIMIC community is wide spread and working in many different places CCOE has implemented different “online” platforms to stay connected. That is why the CCOE decided using Social Media. Interested? Then “like us” on Facebook, “follow us” on Twitter and “discuss with us” on LinkedIn.

 Let’s continue Interacting.