Tobias Shares his Thoughts on the MCMI Programme

We reached out to former student and graduate Tobias to ask him about his experience during the MCMI programme. Here is what he had to say!

Tobias, Graduate 2022

Why did you decided to enroll in the MCMI programme?

I was excited to further my education after completing my first degree. My motivation was personal growth and development. At the "Bundeswehr training congress," I had the opportunity to meet Professor Beckmann and learn about the MCMI program. I jumped at the chance and was driven by my own passion and the desire for a new challenge

What experiences stood out the most for you during your studies?

I have particularly fond memories of the study weekends in Hamburg as well as the courses in The Hague. I particularly remember the first study weekend in The Hague, "Statistics" with Prof. Beckmann. It had been a long time since any of us first-year students had a statistics class and it showed! Even though the further training process accordingly progressed slowly, the practical lessons with Professor Beckmann in the center of The Hague remain in my memory.

What do you do now and how did you benefit from your degree? 

I am currently on assignment at Multinational Corps Northeast in Poland. In my opinion everyone can only benefit from further education. In my case, I can't pin this down to any specific points, but I am firmly convinced that education, especially when it takes you outside of your comfort zone. For me this meant balancing a large study load alongside work and family. This experience has helped me in many situations in life. Therefore, I am particularly grateful for the opportunity that Helmut Schmidt University and the CCOE offer. I can only advise everyone to take this step.