NATO Trilemma: M&S supporting projecting stability during Community of Interest in Rome

CIMIC Simulations will be represented in Rome, during the Community of Interest Conference (COIC), taking place between 14-16 May. Last week, on 18th of April, CCOE’s Lessons Learned & Analysis branch (LL&A) took part in the table-top exercise which will be the focus of simulations syndicate in the upcoming COIC.

NATO Trilemma

Trilemma is the situation, where one has to achieve three equally important objectives – a dilemma with three choices. Based in the topic of the COIC, NATO Trilemma presents the Strategic Direction South and the concept of projecting stability. Participants have the opportunity to explore different courses of actions and their effectiveness in real-life situations.

NATO Trilemma has been developed by Ms. Natalia Wojtowicz and Capt. Tim Schleimer aiming at an environment to test strategies which include the civil environment into planning and execution of military operations. It offers an experimental ground for new thinking.

First impressions

The Lessons Learned & Analysis branch was definitely not a standard set of participants – after all, their daily work includes making observations and turning them into lessons identified, and ideally, learned. First impressions were largely tied to the possible improvements – both in terms of further development and use in CCOE.

Lessons Learned and Analysis branch testing the new simulation

Professional evaluation

LL&A has agreed to support CIMIC M&S during the upcoming COIC with evaluation of the tool and its impact. The expertise on analysis will be crucial to capture the results of NATO Trilemma as well as recognizing further room for improvement for the CIMIC M&S team.

Teamwork and journey

Sharing the outcomes of the testing, LL&A have not forgotten the most important part – teamwork. Working together has proven quite challenging, since all participants have comepting ideas of moving forward. During the COIC, the participation will be individual to higlight the experience of making your own choices. This time, even with much disruptions and arguments, teamwork has won – at least everybody left smiling!

Value in thinking

If you consider yourself a forward-thinker and you would like to test your skills in advancing projecting stability in the Strategic Direction South, join us for the two day syndicate in COIC Rome, 14-16 May 2018. All participants will get a chance to try to solve NATO Trilemma and contributing to the discussion on further simulations.

NATO Trilemma brings LL&A to smile