New Regional Hub Concept to leverage CIMIC excellence

On January 17-19th , Director Wolfgang Paulik visited the General Staff, the Joint Force Command, the NFIU in Hungary and the National University of Public Service in Hungary to present the CCOEs Regional Hub concept. Commencing with the Sponsoring Nations of the CCOE, Colonel Paulik is in the process to propose to the participating nations the establishment of Regional Hubs to leverage CIMIC policies and trainings.

Picture: DIR CCOE Colonel Wolfgang Paulik / Source: CCOE/ Dube

“The Regional Hub Concept connects directly with the original intent of our NATO Baltic CIMIC Initiative,” stated Colonel Paulik in Hungary. “We are personally connecting with our partners on their turf, to understand their respective needs and to jointly develop solutions for along their respective national and regional requirements. What started in the Baltics in 2016 is now being expanded to include our partners at the Southern flank the NATO Alliance,” concluded the Director of the CCOE.

Due to its organizational structure and location, the CCOE is well equipped to develop specific CIMIC related products, yet somewhat restricted in delivering those directly throughout the Alliance, or tailor-made towards unique regional needs.

This new engagement concept is geared to address both available resource and regional outreach requirements. As the NATO Department Head for CIMIC, the CCOE stands to address within the regional markets a more valid and broader audience, while also obtaining an even better understanding of regional needs for CIMIC training and quality assurance.

In this concept different hub options will be presented to the partner nations, as initiated in Hungary. On the basic level, the Regional CIMIC Hub would organize and execute CCOE satellite courses with their own personnel, with the CCOE providing quality assurance and management. At the next levels, a CIMIC Hub will conduct the same courses, yet with the added options of developing tailor-made trainings and unique CIMIC topics, applicable to the situation in their specific region.

The Regional Hubs internal organization will be subject to the individual Hosting Nation and the available resources and capabilities. There will be no mandated blueprint for all. The CCOE will only render advice on the central location of each hub and the educational commitment of its permanent or temporary staff.

Picture: from left LTC Poletti (DCOM, NFIU in Hungary); COL Paulik (DIR, CCOE); Staff Officer, NFIU in Hungary / Source: Major Hanocz – Public Affairs Officer NFIU Hungary

Headline Picture :  from left to right LTC Dóra (Deputy Chief J9, HUN JFC); LTC Poletti (DCOM, NFIU in Hungary); COL Paulik (DIR, CCOE), Maj. Szamosi (CIMIC Staff Officer, CCOE) Source: Major Harnocz (Public Affairs Officer NFIU Hungary