New team working on the CMI Survey for the MC 0411/2 update

My close working sponsor, John van Benthem, introduced me to the CCOE Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities Branch when I arrived at the CCOE in September 2014. Together we took on the new task of operationalizing NATOs Policy MC 0411/2 which started in October. Throughout this rather short timeframe we not only formed a very good team, pushing on our different subtasks, but John also became a very good friend of mine.

John finished his tour of duty with the CCOE in May 2015. On June 1st, he started working in a new position as a Liaison for the Dutch Army in Germany. I am sure this position will be very interesting for him. In addition, it will be another good opportunity for John to add and share his formidable working attitude and huge army experience for the benefit of the Dutch and German Ministry of Defenses. Unfortunately for me I lost my “devil’s advocate” and the CIC-Branch lost one of its experts when it comes to finding a structured working approach towards complex challenges. This article is not the place where I want to express my great appreciation of John’s working attitude or the place in which I thank him for his gallant comradeship and friendship as these short words would not do his work or our friendship enough justice. This is the place where I simply repeat my gratitude shortly.

Changing positions and finding new personal working relations is normal business within the military and so here it is. John’s successor is currently on a mission deployment, so there is a gap of approximately 4 month. However, knowing this beforehand, we have planned for an interim solution long ago.

I am happy to announce, that Major (HUN A) Attila Szamosi of CIC Branch is currently partnering with me until the end of 2015 for the Survey on Civil-Military Interaction.

Up till now, Attila has mainly been working on topics related to our closest military branch partners (when it comes to contributing to a comprehensive approach) which are Information Operations (InfoOps) and Strategic Communication (STRATCOM). Attila will integrate his work and his connections into our common “CMI-Project” as it fits just fine. To guarantee a smooth transition, Attila has already familiarized himself with the CMI topic and has started working on the project.

If Civil-Military Interaction is a topic which interests you please do not hesitate to become a part of our project. The CIMIC Centre of Excellence invites you to register to our Network Area and to join the Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) Survey project.

You can find more information about the project in the CIMIC Messenger I/2015.


Joerg Warstat

Joerg Warstat
OF3 (DEU, A)

Attila SzamosiAttila Szamosi
OF3 (HUN, A)

This article is written by Joerg Warstat, CCOE, CIC Branch