New Version of CIMIC Field Handbook

The CCOE proudly presents the new version of thePicture1 CIMIC Field Handbook (CFHB), this version is also available in an eBook format.

The aim of the Field Handbook is to provide a tactical reference, and an operational command level insight.

No matter if you are military or civilian, if you are involved in Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) and Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities, you should have and use this Field Handbook.

The Handbook explains, describes and provides best practices following CIMIC and CMI policy and doctrine. It covers a wide range of useful subjects that may be required to guide CIMIC and CMI activities during mission’s deployment abroad.

The Field Handbook is available in a small hard copy pocket version. In light of technical developments the CCOE decided to transfer the pocket version of the Field Handbook into a digital version. Therefore, instead of only using a PDF-file, the CCOE went one step further.

Since May 2015, the CFHB version 3.0 is also available in an eBook format.

5145390611_5f6e839ac5_oThese days, more and more people are using eBooks instead of hard copies in their daily businesses. eBooks are comfortable to read, information are easy to store on a mobile device and therefore accessible everywhere and any time. This is especially important for people working in the field.

You can easily download the eBook version on our website, it is totally for free.

Download it here and benefit from the CIMIC Field Handbook 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Keep the “book” in your office, your smartphone is carrying the eBook version.


Article is written by Lisa Ziekenoppasser.