Over 50 representatives of the CIMIC & CMI community from across the NATO alliance will gather in Riga, Latvia, from May 15th through 16th, for the 2017 NATO CIMIC Annual Discipline Conference (ADC).

Organised by the CCOE and hosted annually by changing countries, the event will attract stakeholders from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, as well as Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, UK and USA. The conference is a common effort of all CCOE entities under coordination of the Training and Education Branch, and will sport the participation of LTC Rudolf Keijzer (T&E Branch Chief) and LTC Stefan Hofmaier (CIC Branch Chief), together with other members of the staff.

The conference will be opened by CCOE Deputy Director (DDIR) Colonel Johan Wagner, and will consist of a number of panels and syndicate groups.

Within the panels, the participants will discuss the latest subject matter developments, the current status and the way ahead for the CIMIC discipline in NATO, the impact of the 2016 Warsaw Summit and the status of CIMIC & CMI Education. In addition, attendees will review the status of the CCOE’s e-learning 2.0 project and the recent addition of the latest course – the NATO CIMIC Strategic Planning Course.

DDIR Colonel Johan Wagner

At the same time, the event will provide the opportunity to analyze the status of the Discipline Alignment Plan 2016-2017 and to identify the priorities for the next period 2017-2018.

The three syndicate groups will focus on a wide range of areas, covering the T&E adaptation to the current security environment, the response to Hybrid Threats, and finally, the implementation of cross-cutting topics into the NATO Curricula. The participants’ input will be expected especially with regard to:

  • the review and update of CIMIC & CMI discipline priorities, as well as the recommendations for the main efforts in the discipline;
  • the CIMIC role in response to Hybrid Threats;
  • the recognition of the relevance of cross-cutting topics for NATO training and education.

NATO CIMIC/CMI Annual Discipline Conference 2016

About the ADC

The CCOE is conducting the Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) in the capacity as Department Head (DH) for CIMIC & CMI, envisaged within the Military Committee Policy – MC 0458/3, which gives structure to Training and Education. Relying on its recognized expertise in the CIMIC & CMI discipline, the CCOE conducts the annual ADC in order to capture the planned improvements, as identified during the Training Requirement / Needs Analysis (TRA/TNA) process in the Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP).

The purpose of the Conference is fourfold:

First, to update the participants on the global programming process by ACT and ACO related to CIMIC Education, Individual and Collective Training.

Second, CCOE is providing a forum for the participants to address CIMIC & CMI topics as stated in the agenda.

Third, to coordinate CIMIC instructor and Subject Matter Expert support to (NATO) CIMIC Courses and Exercises within the community, shaping the Instructor Support Plans for 2018.

Finally, to provide an international CIMIC & CMI forum to address national CIMIC & CMI topics and to build up connections to the international community.

The outcome of the Annual Discipline Conference is the Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP). The aim is the alignment of CIMIC requirements and corresponding T&E solutions.

Training and Education within NATO is clearly structured. It follows the Military Committee Policy – MC 0458/3. This policy defines that there are two authorized bodies responsible for a discipline: the Requirements Authority (RA) and the Department Head (DH). The RA is responsible for identifying and managing the special NATO Education and Training requirements concerning the discipline. The DH is responsible to matching the requirements with NATO solutions, and for the coordination of those solutions. For the discipline NATO CIMIC and CMI, the RA is the Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) J9 of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). CCOE is acting as the DH. ACT acts as the Joint Force Trainer.

Impressions ADC 2016