Resilience Through Civil Preparedness Course 2023 Ends

Last week our CCOE team supported  by experts from ACT, JFC BS, JWC and CMDR COE was running the 2023 edition of the Resilience through Civil Preparedness. Course challenged intellectual capacities of the students from all levels of command through games, exercises and workshops.

Great value was added to the course by the Commanding General of Polish Territorial Defence Forces BG Maciej Klisz, who in his keynoote speech fimiliarized students with experiences regarding mutual dependencies between resilience, resistance, and civil prepardness. It was really challenging week, and was only possible because of the complete dedication of instructors and students. The course is an answer for the training requirements set by J9 SHAPE addressing the Resilience through Civil preparedness.

It is constantly updated and revised year to year. Now we identify our lessons and make sure the next edition will be even better. "I encourage all interested in the resilience to participate in the next editions" said course director LTC Pawel Polak.

Photos by PAO CCOE