Visiting the exercise Saber Junction '22

Following the invitation of the 7th Army Training Command's (7ATC) commanding general, Brigadier General Joseph E. Hilbert, our Lessons Learned & Analysis Branch joined the exercise Saber Junction 2022 in Hohenfels, Germany.
The CCOE delegation consisting of Branch Chief Commander Joerg Groessl, Major Jeffrey Canaan and Captain Dominik Degener participated in the Distinguished Visitors Day on 12 September 2022. As a result, the delegation was able to gain impressions on site of how professionally and realistically the exercise was carried out.

In addition to the official part, the CCOE delegation held discussions with the exercise's Strategic Information Officer (SIO), Lieutenant Colonel Raphael Vasquez, and the Government Relations advisor of the 7ATC, Dr Carlos E Gorbea. In this way, future joint projects could be successfully discussed further to the exercise. One result, for example, is a joint interoperability workshop in October 2022 in The Hague.

At the end of the visit, the delegation, accompanied by the leader of the operational environment cell, Lieutenant Colonel Myer, was able to closely observe an exercise by the American CIMIC troops on site.

The Saber Junction '22 exercise officially began on 21 August 2022 at Hohenfels Training Area with more than 4,400 participants from the United States, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.
The exercise series is conducted annually at the 7ATC Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) as part of the U.S. Army Europe and Africa to assess the readiness of Europe-based units such as the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Commander Joerg Groessl (left) with Lieutenant Colonel Raphael VasquezFrom left to right: Dr Carlos E Gorbea, Lieutenant Colonel Myer, Commander Joerg Groessl