Second CIMIC Handbook working group

It is said that "Content is king", and for this purpose the second session of the working group for the revision of the CIMIC-Handbook took place at the CCOE this week. The team, made up of members from the CCOE, the MNCG, Landcom, DEU MN CIMIC Cmd, NLD 1st CMICmd, and POL MTCFO, worked on the content of the new CIMIC Handbook.

During the workshop, the team reviewed the first drafts of several chapters, focusing on CIMIC implications in operations and planning processes.

The CIMIC Handbook is primarily designed to offer guidance on tactical and operational command-level to all individuals involved in CIMIC. The manual lays emphasis on the contribution of CIMIC in decision-making, planning, and execution. Specifically, the CIMIC Handbook focuses on the tactical planning process and explains the role of CIMIC at every stage of it. Additionally, it provides a brief introduction to the contribution of CIMIC to the operational planning process.

The team has taken a big step forward to provide a helpful manual that's based on NATO doctrine, best practices, and field experience, with great professionalism.