Sharing knowledge and experience

Sharing knowledge and experience through participation and visualization during the United Nations Civil-Military Coordination live eCourse (UN-CMCoord live eCourse).

16 participants from Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sudan and the United States take part in this course which started at home with finishing a UN e-Learning course. After finishing this e-Learning course succesfully the participants gathered in The Hague to take part in the residential part.

The three day course started at Tuesday 28 Nov with a range of topics, ranging from an update about the NATO CIMIC Doctrine, Mission Experience within the UN mission in South Sudan, UN-Volunteers, Protection of Civilians and Cultural Property Protection, Resilience and Disaster Relief.

On day two the Civil-Military Coordination Section of OCHA provided a learning journey about  UN-CMcoord and the different elements which are part of this, like Guidelines and Principles, Key Stakeholders, UN-CMcoord Structures, Working with military assets, Working in insecure environment and Protection of civilians.

Day three culminated in a table top exercise with a challenging scenario, in which the participants have to act as a UN CMCoord officer and find solutions for different cases.

Picture: Anne-Sophie Allegre (FRA) -Training Officer at OCHA- in conversation with students during class (left)/ Uta Filz (DEU) -Humanitarian Affairs Officer- giving a lecture (right) Source: CCOE/ Dube