Sharing Knowledge – Surveys & Conferences – 4th CIMIC Messenger in 2015

On December 17th 2015 the fourth CIMIC Messenger has been issued. 

Picture CIMIC Messenger 04-2015

Several times per year, the CIMIC Messenger will inform the CIMIC family and our civilian partners, as well as the interested public, about both relevant and current issues pertaining to the world of CIMIC, Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) and the CCOE.

The CCOE is Custodian for the NATO CIMIC doctrine AJP 3.4.9. That is why CCOE has been asked by NATO Headquarters to assess the doctrinal consequences of the updated Military Committee Policy on CIMIC and CMI 411/2. Instruments of this assessment are interviews for the so called CMI Survey. Beside Concept Development, Training & Education as well as Lessons Learned and Development the CCOE is offering facilities and support for conferences. NATOs Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) took the opportunity and conducted relevant conferences at the CCOE. In this Messenger you learn about the CMI-Survey, the annual Center of Excellence Directors Conference and the Conference “Preparing a New Generation of Civil-Military-Police Coordination for Human Security.”

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