Six nations at NATO CIMIC Liaison Course

From June 22nd till June 26th the NATO CIMIC Liaison Course (NCLC) was conducted at the CCOE, which was fully booked. The main purpose of this course is to further qualify CIMIC Operators, Officers, and NCOs, assigned as CIMIC Liaison Officers, to conduct CIMIC LO activities at tactical/operational level across the full spectrum of military engagement in the modern operational environment. The secondary purpose is to create awareness and comprehension for those organisations and individuals who have a vested interest in CIMIC LO activities.

NCLC 2015-02 news20150623_143817 Students from 6 different nations (Georgia, United States of America, The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and the Czech Republic) participated in the course. Also 2 civilian students from Turkey and Georgia took the opportunity to take part in our course, their input has been extremely beneficial to the course.  Syndicate Coaches from USA and DEU supported the course. The knowledge, experience, and expertise of the coaches contributed to the success of the course.

(Guest) lecturers from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), NLD 1 Civil Military Interaction Command, role-players and instructors from the CIMIC Centre of Excellence gave the students practical and theoretical insights on how to act as a CIMIC Liaison Officer. The students also acquired deeper knowledge in Communication and Negotiation Skills in theory and practice.

The course’s practical work is focused on presenting a Capability Brief, preparing and conducting meetings, reporting and providing the commander their comments, conclusions and recommendations, as a Liaison team. The students ended the course by giving a Situational Update Brief to the J9 and successfully answered his critical questions.

The next NATO CIMIC Liaison Course will take place from 26th October till 30th of October 2015 at the CCOE in The Hague. See the course-schedule here. CCOE would highly appreciate civilian participation.

Civilian participants called for the October course.

This article is written by CCOE/ T&E Branch/Major Laine den Hollander (NLD A).