State of emergency in Framland: “Joint Cooperation” starts

The next eight days Framland is in state of emergency. Riots, natural disasters and terrorist attacks threaten the fictional state. The NATO-unique CIMIC exercise “Joint Cooperation” will take place from Wednesday, October 30 through Friday, November 8, in and around Nienburg – for the ninth time – around 500 soldiers and civilians from 24 countries in Europe and North America there.

For the hosts in the Nienburger Clausewitz barracks this is the first event under their new name “Multinational CIMIC Command”. “With the renaming one month ago, the former Civil-Military Cooperation Center of the German Armed Forces underlines its leading role for CIMIC in NATO and the EU,” said the commander, Colonel Andreas Timm.

In order to guarantee a realistic and complex scenario, the Bundeswehr Civil Military Cooperation Centre works with over 140 role plays in the region of Nienburg, Verden and partly Hannover. The role players offer a large spectrum of backgrounds, ranging from public administration, private companies to emergency service providers. As all role players represent themselves, they are naturally authentic and challenging for the diverse training audience.
The exercise is based on NATO’s Skolkan scenario and has been adjusted to fit specific requirements of a CIMIC exercise and the geographical setting in and around Nienburg. This allows the training audience to work with real-life data. The new CIMIC Information Management Database (CIMD) allows the training audience to manage, evaluate and process all collected data.

Nine CCOE members support this multinational exercise in the sections of evaluation and public affairs. Follow our Facebook page to stay informed about the newest highlights of Joint Cooperation.