Summa cum laude for CCOE intern on his Master Thesis

Loris Leiva, currently an intern in the Support Branch, just completed his Master’s degree at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, his alma mater in Switzerland.

He wrote his thesis on the side of his internship at the CCOE. His topic: “Extending semantic web techniques to enhance passive defense of internal networks”. During his time in The Hague, Loris thoroughly investigated the current CCOE information technology landscape and developed a flexible monitoring tool to help defend the network against outside invaders, also known as hacks. In his own words:

“I basically created an engine which uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to transform absolutely any type of data in a way that machines can understand. For example, with that engine you can make computers understand pages like Wikipedia, so that they can leverage that knowledge to do real cool things. After creating that little beast, I applied its benefits to our internal networks, in order to provide a new and clever way of managing network security.”

For the presentation of his thesis in Switzerland, Loris received a summa cum laude, the highest possible mark from the jury. The CCOE congratulates him on his outstanding work and his unique contribution to the home of NATO CIMIC.