The first Master of Civil-Military Interaction

CCOE Director Colonel Roel Been agrees on further cooperation with Prof. Dr. Wilfried Seidel, the president of the Helmut-Schmidt-University, University of the German Armed Forces, Hamburg.

The CCOE and the Helmut-Schmidt-University are further fostering their relationship, which was initiated by a Letter of Intent in early 2014. Since then, the organizations have been developing a joint university degree, the Master of Civil-Military Interaction.
With the final approval of the Master of Civil-Military Interaction by the Academic Senate of the Helmut-Schmidt-University on the 11th of June, Colonel Been initiated the final stage of the development phase by handshake with Prof. Dr. Seidel.

IMG_3039_1Further settlements have been reached on the academic management of the degree and joint marketing efforts.
The Master of Civil-Military Interaction is a unique cooperation aiming to align military education & training with civilian ‘Bologna’ educational standards. This highest level of accreditation will allow future students of the CCOE to exploit the synergies of their practical knowledge with academic rigor.
Mutual goal of the CCOE and the Helmut-Schmidt-University is to pilot the Master of Civil-Military Interaction in October this year. From now on we will distribute regular updates across our community of interest.

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This article is written by Captain Marian Corbe, CCOE, CIC Branch – Academia.