The Stalwart of Instructors leaving the House

Picture: Ralf Baur Source: CCOE/ Dube

Following a six year stint at the CCOE, Captain Ralf Baur has left The Hague to assume his new position as Liaison and Exchange Officer at the 1. CMI Command in Appeldorn. Acclaimed by hundreds of students during his tenure, bot as an instructor and as course director, Ralf Baur also dedicated himself to teaching development in the Training & Education Branch.

Although gone from the CCOE, he will stay in Civil-Military Interaction as well as in the Netherlands.

Thank you very much Ralf, and always godspeed.

Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence

Picture: Captain Ralf Baur (left) and CCOE Deputy Director Colonel Johan Wagner (right)
Source: CCOE/ Dube