The Turkish Air War College recently hosted in Brasserskade

From Turkey to The Netherlands to visit the CCOE

The CCOE has been recently visited by the Turkish Air War College. On April 28, a delegation of about 60 militaries came to The Hague to spend one day at the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence.

CCOE Director Colonel Roel Been together with CCOE personnel welcomed the delegation and gave a presentation about the organization and its mission. The core activities of the different branches of CCOE, CIC, T&E, P&C and LL/DEV, were also presented to the audience.

Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence

Picture: Lieutenant Colonel Ed van de Bospoort informing about the Lessons Learned Integration Project/ Source: CCOE/ Dube

The visit was an opportunity for the CCOE to further show its intention of being “the preferred network campus to connect people, share collective knowledge and gain unity of purpose in the field of Civil-Military Cooperation”, as announced in its Vision 2020.

Article is written by CCOE/ PAO Intern/ Monica de Astis (ITA)