“Train as you fight”

During the last NATO CIMIC Liaison Course conducted in, CIMIC Modelling & Simulation (M&S) had executed the simulation with participants. Following the “Train as you fight” motto, the simulation has been focused on everyday challenges of Liaison Officers.

Masters of Liaison

Becoming the master in any profession requires extended period of practice. During a week course, this is compressed to test the knowledge acquired to maximum. Within the simulation, participants have started with a persuasion exercise, designed to boost their communication, cultural awareness and presentation skills. The stakes were high, as the challenge was promptly named: Stay alive.

Beyond standards

Training and Education can be conducted for the expected and unexpected circumstances. The participants have not known the scenario, the conditions or the tasks of the simulation. This technique gave them the best chance of preparing for the unknown assignments ahead and learning to create successful courses of actions. Mastering the art and craft of liaison started with standards and theory, but ended with a high-level practical simulation. As in real life, participants faced limitations, set-backs and need for close cooperation between all civil-military elements. Luckily, all have proven their proficiency and earned the title:

Master of liaison.