Captain Oliver Dyka: An outstanding Performance as Course Director

The Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) conducts regularly courses at the CIMIC training institutions of the Sponsoring Nations (SN) to promote common standards and interoperability.

From 20th  to 31st of March 2023 the NATO CIMIC Field Workers/Staff Workers course was held at the Military Training Centre for Foreign Operations (MTCFO) in Kielce, Poland , which is one of CCOEs SN. The course and the training was highly appreciated by the participating Polish, further NATO and Ukrainian soldiers. The success of the course and the high level of professionalism delivered  is due to the team efforts of the MTFCO and the members of the CCOE team, headed by the course director - Captain  Oliver Dyka (Germany), who received a dedicated recognition by the Commandant of the centre for another foundation stone of the excellent reputation of the course and the centre itself.

 Thank you Oliver for your dedication!