Innovative research in the field of CIMIC

Since 2017, the CCOE has been cooperating with the Technical University in Delft to ensure the success of CIMIC Modelling and Simulation project. Ms. Natalia Wojtowicz is leading the research at the University in Delft on the topic: Introducing Civilian Population into Wargaming: An Experimental Study and leads the CIMIC M&S project as a Subject Matter Expert of CCOE.

On 6th of June a meeting took place to recognize the progress and the challenges ahead. The outcomes of the project are exceeding its original expectation for CCOE: as of today all courses received a simulation and incorporated it into curriculum. This achievement allowed additional work on advanced training techniques running in the courses. For example, the first CIMIC Escape Room, which was used as an introduction in the NATO CIMIC Higher Command Course. A more challenging aspect of introducing simulation in the individual and collective training remains in NATO Exercises and Computer-assisted Exercises. This will be addressed during the Joint Cooperation 2019 Exercise taking place in November 2019.

Professor Pieter van Gelder and Professor Heide Lukosch provided an overview of the research projects at the Technology, Policy and Management Department. The scientific methods developing at the University both support and benefit from the cooperation with practitioners. This research project provides a unique opportunity to implement the theory as it is proposed by Ms. Natalia Wojtowicz and remains as a good example of positive impact.

Professor Pieter van Gelder, Professor Heide Lukosch, Colonel Johan Wagner, LTC Jan Brouwer (photo left)