Baltic CIMIC Challenge Simulation

Eyes on the prize: why are we training?

During our last NATO Field and Staff Worker Course, students have experienced the challenges of CIMIC work in the Baltic States. In the framework of NATO Eastern Flank, CCOE´s Training and Education Branch provided a specific simulation of multi-actor environment in pursuit of opposite goals.

The simulation recognized the core task of NATO – collective defence and solidarity in response to various adversarial actions. The Eastern Flank of NATO has been reinforced with new structures, reflecting the importance of assurance and deterrence against all possible threats.

Adaptation of NATO structures and personnel

Following CCOE´s path of Baltic Initiative, the simulation replicated new NATO structures (NATO Force Integration Units, Enhanced Forward Presence) and recognized the importance of Host Nation Support. Continuous NATO involvement on the Eastern Flank requires an up-to-date, responsive training solutions which can prepare CIMIC personnel to the full-spectrum of the operational environment.

This Baltic CIMIC Challenge Simulation provided an environment operationalizing the concepts and observations envisioned in CCOE’s contribution to Strategic Direction North East.

It’s all about Leo: military CIMIC personnel

Testing the skills of negotiation, dealing with uncertainty, unpredictability and new dilemmas has proven useful for the education of proactive, resourceful Field and Staff Workers. The CCOE has equipped them with advanced and innovative methods of CIMIC work, including Social Network Analysis and Bow-Tie Model of Risk Assessment. This tools enable understanding of social resilience and multi-layer environment on the tactical level as well as integration of actions in the broader situational awareness.

Excellence is an attitude – not an act

The successful test of the simulation marks the beginning of the implementation phase of CCOE´s CIMIC Modelling & Simulation project. Further developments planned for this year include a table-top exercise of NATO Strategic Direction South and improvement of scenarios leading the CIMIC elements in different environments.