Baltic NATO CIMIC Initiative 2016

  • Baltic CIMIC Challenge Simulation
    02 March 2018

    Baltic CIMIC Challenge Simulation

    Eyes on the prize: why are we training? During our last NATO Field and Staff Worker Course, students have experienced the challenges of CIMIC work in the Baltic States. In the framework of NATO Eastern Flank, CCOE´s Training and Education Branch pro[...]

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  • Lithuania: Welcome to my country!
    16 March 2017

    Lithuania: Welcome to my country!

    In late 2016, a ranking delegation from the CCOE visited Lithuania and the other Baltic republics, to advance the Baltic NATO CIMIC Initiative. This spring, it is the Lithuanian Army Joint HQ Head of CIMIC Department, who visits The Hague. While par[...]

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  • Taking “Domestic CIMIC” South
    22 November 2016

    Taking “Domestic CIMIC” South

    Following the initial steps of the Baltic NATO CIMIC Initiative in the North-East, the CCOE is now also extending its focus to the South-Eastern regions of the Atlantic Alliance. In order to better acquaint himself with all the regional environment o[...]

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  • Baltic NATO CIMIC Initiative – Reviewed
    24 October 2016

    Baltic NATO CIMIC Initiative – Reviewed

    The Baltic NATO CIMIC Initiative 2016 had been conceived in the aftermath of the Warsaw Summit 2016, and has been strongly endorsed by NATO and the Sponsoring Nations of the CCOE. On the conclusion of the initial part of this Baltic NATO CIMIC Init[...]

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